tl;dr research notes: Social Media and Marketing in 2013

The tl;dr research notes are (hopefully) de-nerded summaries of interesting (nerdy) research pieces I’ve come across.  

IDC Prediction: Social media technologies will become key arsenal in the marketing toolkit and the technology budgets to come from the CMO Office

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Social media in 2013 will mature from being a simple basic tool of engaging with customers to a more advanced marketing tool.

Uptake of social media technologies in enterprises was stronger in 2012 with 42% of the companies surveyed stating that they already have deployed it.¨

The social media priorities in B2B marketing are to build market awareness, engage customers or prospect in real-time interactions, acquire information, exchange ideas, and gather customer feedback.¨

tl;dr says: Social media is allowing consumers to talk directly to brands, this “bottom up” feedback needs to integrate into product development and can help growth hacking efforts

Some social media winners:

Tourism Australia’s strong digital marketing effort was focused on primarily improving its online presence by launching a new, simple, and easy to navigate Web site and developing content for other popular sites and search engines.

Tourism Australia now hosts one of the most popular social media sites with over 3.5 million fans on Facebook, 570,000 fans on Google+, and 50,000 fans on Instagram. Furthermore, an innovative Facebook app merging the best of Google maps and Facebook technology has been developed as a travel planning tool.

tl;dr says: Social media is not all about FB and twitter, it can be largely about refining your digital presence to make it shareable, relevant and easily accessible.
The2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC) in New Zealand set a precedent for all major sporting events in the future, integrating social media into its communication strategy. The official accounts of the RWC and the teams have gained more than 185,000 new followers on Twitter, more than 621,000 new Facebook fans, and over 4.1 million mentions on Twitter, despite social media spend accounting for less than 10% of its marketing budget.

tl;dr says: Social media is not a silo, integrate it into all your comms and make sure you’re providing value to the people who socially engage with your brand

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source article: ANZ Software and Services 2013 Top 10 Predictions  From the IDC team: Natalie Ng, Vern-Harn HueCassandra Nunis, Louise Francis, Christine Tan, Raj MudaliarShayum Rahim

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