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socky conversations

Last night a friend posed a question:  Really, how useful is the recent #cockinasock campaign?  If it’s ultimate aim was really to generate conversation around testicular cancer, is it actually doing the cause any good?

As fan of great (branded) social content, my instinctual response was a resounding yes!  The #cockinasock has that elusive golden formula: mass niche appeal.  If anything was ever going to be primed to ‘go viral’ this would be it! It is not only immensely shareable and humorous; it also appeals to a wide variety of disparate audiences.  How often is that you can get this litany of tribes to engage with the same content:

Males from both the Straight and Gay exhibitionist category…

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In a great presentation at Web Directions South 11, Mike Kuniavsky explored the curious revolution of ubiquitous computing. Embedding powerful information processing technology into anything is becoming so cheap that it’s almost free and the implications of this are huge.

The cloud and uber portable computers (i.e. your phone) are just the tip of the iceberg. Kuniavsky:
“when something becomes cheap enough, when cost passes a certain tipping point, it quickly joins the toolkit of things we create our world with.”

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